Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Unit provides financial support services to the entire Sheriff’s Office and is comprised of the following:

  • Accounts Payable – processes payments to suppliers for a variety of encumbrance types, including purchase orders, approved contracts, and operational expenditures.
  • General Fund Accounting – maintains an accurate accounting of all expenditures from the Sheriff’s Office’s budget. In addition, the unit is responsible for all petty cash distributions, and employee expenditure reimbursements.
  • Grants Administration – provides centralized grant administration for the Sheriff’s Office, which includes the locating and securing of alternate funding for proposed projects and programs that cannot be funded through the normal budget process.
  • Contracts Administration – coordinates all aspects of the contracting process for, and the continued monitoring of approved agreements for services and supplies and single vendor contracts.
  • Budget Services - prepares the Sheriff’s Office’s annual budget request for submission by the Sheriff to the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Additionally, the section monitors budgetary expenditures and revenues to ensure the Sheriff’s Office remains within the adopted budget.
  • Central Supply Unit - This section maintains the records of the Sheriff’s Office’s fixed assets.
  • Accounts Receivable Unit - responsible for collecting, recording, and processing the Sheriff’s Office’s revenues.