Personnel & Labor Relations

The quality of service rendered by the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office comes directly from the personal commitment of its members. As such, Personnel Administration takes an active role in the overall mission and delivery of quality administrative support services to the Office. Monitoring and tracking employee positions Office-wide, providing the Sheriff’s Office and requesting units with reports on the status of staffing and vacancies for sworn and professional staff.

As we succeed in our efforts, we do so with the commitment to provide reliable, consistent and timely personnel, payroll and timekeeping services to all Sheriff’s Office members. In accomplishing this all-important mission, we are guided by the following principles:


To foster a collaborative relationship within divisions in determining human resource information management.

  To base our decisions and our actions on ethical, honest, and practical perspectives thereby not compromising the foundation of the Civil Service process or Departmental policy and procedure.

To strive for equality, objectivity and fairness in the recruitment, selection, classification, and compensation of all Sheriff’s Office members.

To enhance the utilization of information management systems and evaluation of the applicability of current personnel management systems, software and equipment in meeting Sheriff’s Office program objectives.

  To ensure efficient usage of budgetary resources in the accomplishment of the Sheriff’s Office’s Personnel Operations mission.

  To understand that we must deliver a professional level of human resource services to Sheriff’s Office members, to other County departments and to the population of the service community.

Employee Relations and Legal Affairs

This unit handles all Sheriff’s Office grievances, appeals, arbitrations, related settlement agreements, and legal correspondence processing.