The Passaic County Sheriff's Office looks to residents to help support them in solving and resolving crime issues. "Passaic County Sheriff's Office needs your help solving crimes. Now you can help them by doing something many people do anyway: texting.

The Text-A-Tip initiative will help Passaic County Sheriff's Office get the leads they need to crack cases and hopefully end gang violence.

Here's how it works: If you have information the Passaic County Sheriff's Office should know about, text the word MYTIP to 274637. After that, type the information. Lastly, press send.  For further details please take a look at our Text-A-Tip Flyer.

Another option is to visit our web portal and submit your tip there. You can access this portal by clicking the "Submit Tip" button on the right:tip button

*If your tip is an emergency please do not submit it. Instead, call 911 and speak to an Emergency Operator*